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Thermal transfer & direct thermal labels

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We manufacture a vast range of thermal transfer and direct thermal labels that are suitable for use in any thermal printer. With more than 1000 cutters on site we should have one that matches your requirements, although bespoke cutters can be manufactured at a small extra charge.

Our thermal transfer and direct thermal labels are available in a number of core sizes. Choose from 12.5mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 44mm, 50mm, 76mm and 152mm cardboard cores, all of which will fit standard thermal label printers.

What’s the difference between thermal transfer and thermal direct printing?

As the name suggests, both methods use heat (via a thermal printhead) during the printing process. However while thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long lasting images, direct thermal printing places the image directly onto the material.

Thermal transfer technology is widely used to print barcodes and variable data onto labels because it produces accurate, high quality images with superb definition. You can print onto virtually any substrate, producing the exact bar widths that successful bar coding and scanning require.

Find out more about our Barcode and variable data labelling

Choice of materials and adhesive

Thermal transfer and direct thermal labels from Craig & Parsons come in a range of papers and synthetics. From durable top coated paper, plastic or polyester direct thermal labels to low cost vellum and premium thermal transfer options, we can meet all your labelling requirements and specifications.

We offer a choice of adhesives for your thermal transfer and direct thermal labels. Adhesives can be removable or permanent, or specially formulated for different environments such as deep freeze or high tack for use on rough or shaped surfaces.

Why not contact us to discuss your thermal transfer or direct thermal labelling requirements – our prices and advice are free!

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