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Quality policy

This policy forms our quality management system (QMS) which is embedded in our business management systems. All members of the Craig and Parsons team have been trained to understand and implement the QMS.

We provide industry leading levels of service and customer satisfaction. We are committed to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, BRC Global Standard Packaging and Materials Issue 5 and to the continual improvement of our quality management system.

In order to maintain and sustain our Quality Policy, we commit to:

• Ensure that we meet the needs and requirements of our customers and seek to continually improve our service and products.

• Strive to improve and enhance our performance by setting objectives and targets, which are continually reviewed to ensure they are understood, acted upon and met.

• Provide training, support, resources and encouragement to all employees to ensure they realise their full potential in meeting the quality policy and its objectives.

• Meet statutory and regulatory requirements that apply to our products, processes and activities.

• Establish partnerships with suppliers and interested parties and will continually develop these partnerships to provide an improved product and service to our customers.

The Managing Director has the overall and final responsibility for the Quality Policy and is responsible for the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of the policy throughout the company using ISO 9001:2015 as the framework for maintaining and reviewing the policy.

Management throughout the organisation are responsible for the communication of the policy and promoting active participation at all levels, whilst ensuring that activities under their control conform to the legal requirements and that good quality standards are achieved and maintained.

Employees have the responsibility to actively support the company to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of the quality policy.

This policy is communicated throughout the company and to all interested parties.

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its appropriateness and our continued success.

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