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Modern Slavery Policy

This statement is made by Craig and Parsons Ltd in accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Craig and Parsons Ltd commits to conduct its business with honesty and integrity and recognise that globally there is an increase in Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We are members of SEDEX so we can drive improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in our supply chain.

Craig and Parsons Employees

We commit to:

  • Not employ any workers below the age of 15 as stated under UK law.
  • Ensuring no person under the age of 18 is employed in hazardous or heavy work except for the purpose of training within approved national laws and regulations.
  • Prohibit the worst forms of child labour.
  • Ensuring all employment relationships are voluntary and based on mutual consent, without the threat of penalty.
  • Never engaging in any forms of forced and compulsory labour.
  • Ensuring all employment and occupation practices are non-discriminatory.
  • Ensuring employees understand they may join a union of their choice if they wish.
  • Respecting the full freedom of workers’ organisations to draw up their constitutions and rules.
  • Respecting the rights of workers to engage in lawful activities related to forming, joining or assisting a workers’ organisation and will not discriminate or punish workers for exercising these rights.
  • Negotiate, if required, with lawfully established workers’ organisations and/or our Staff Representative, in good faith and with the best efforts of reaching a collective bargaining agreement.

Craig and Parsons Supply Chain

Craig and Parsons are committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our corporate activities, and to ensuring, as far as we are able, that our supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.

We undertake due diligence when considering taking on new suppliers through our Approved Supplier Questionnaire Agreements.

We recognise that understanding our supply chain will assist us to identify and assess particular product or geographical risks of modern slavery and human trafficking,

Staff are trained in how to identify the signs of slavery and human trafficking and what should be done if this activity is suspected:

Common signs of Forced Labour:

Show signs of physical or psychological abuse, look malnourished or unkempt, or appear withdrawn and neglected. They may have untreated injuries.

Rarely be allowed to travel on their own, seem under the control, influence of others, rarely interact or appear unfamiliar with where they work

Have no identification documents, have few personal possessions and always wear the same clothes day in day out. What clothes they do wear may not be suitable for their work.

Be dropped off / collected for work on a regular basis either very early or late at night

Avoid eye contact, appear frightened or hesitant to talk to strangers and fear law enforcers for many reasons, such as not knowing who to trust or where to get help, fear of deportation, fear of violence to them or their family.

Staff are aware of the Modern Slavery Helpline 0800 012 1700

Date: 1st March 2024
Policy Renewal Date: 1st March 2025

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