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FSC compliant labels

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The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is recognised throughout the world as a mark of responsible forestry management.
Craig & Parsons gained certification in 2012 and we are proud to be able to supply FSC certified labels upon request.

Why is FSC Certification important?

FSC certification is important to both Craig & Parsons and to our customers because it gives them the option to choose FSC papers. It also means our labels are fully traceable, back to the forest where the original wood was obtained.

In addition to FSC certified products we manufacture self-adhesive labels where both the label paper and the liner are made entirely from recycled material and fully compostable films.

Going green

Craig & Parsons is committed to green issues and the environment. Maintaining FSC certification is part of demonstrating this commitment to our customers. We also work hard to understand the impact our business has on the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint

Why not contact us to discuss your FSC product label requirements – our prices and advice are free!

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