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Environment policy

This policy forms our environmental management system (EMS) which is embedded in our business management systems. All members of the Craig and Parsons team have been trained to understand and implement the EMS.

Craig & Parsons recognise the social and economic importance of protecting the environment. The impact we have on the environment is of paramount importance to us.

To support the stated commitment, it is management policy to integrate environmental considerations into the business decision making process.

We are fully committed to providing a quality product to our clients whilst reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring compliance with environmental law and the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 and BRC Global Standard Packaging Materials Issue 6 standards.

To maintain and sustain our Environmental Policy, we commit to:

· Comply with applicable legal requirements.

· Achieve good environmental standards in all activities including the reduction, reuse, recycling and disposal of waste.

· Ensure business operations reduce pollution and aim to continue to improve our environmental performance targets.

· Make economic use of energy, water and other materials to minimize waste in all aspects of the business.

· Assess regularly the environmental impact resulting from business operations and to remain fully informed of recognised best practices.

· Communicate this policy to all interested parties including our customers, suppliers and employees.

· Encourage customers to choose environmentally friendly material, making them aware of new products on the market.

The Managing Director has the overall and final responsibility for the Environmental Policy and is responsible for the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of the policy throughout the Company using ISO 14001:2015 and BRC Global Standards Packaging Materials Issue 6 standards as the framework for maintaining and reviewing policy.

Management throughout the organisation are responsible for the communication of the policy and promoting active participation at all levels, whilst ensuring that activities under their control conform to the legal requirements and that good environmental standards are achieved and maintained.

Employees have the responsibility to actively support the company to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of the policy.

This policy is communicated throughout the company and to all interested parties and reviewed at least annually to ensure its appropriateness and our continued success.

Stephen Craig
Managing Director

Date: 1st February 2024
Policy Renewal Date: 1st February 2025

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